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High-end animated presentations and pitch decks are my specialty

I honed my presentation design skills while working at Walt Disney, where I had to deliver the most complex and beautifully animated decks under extreme deadlines to company’s top executives. I used the expertise that I acquired there to keep designing presentations for media and tech giants such as 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., NBC Universal and Facebook. I craft my decks using Apple Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides, along with the arsenal of Adobe CC software such as After Effects.


The way from printed inks to dancing pixels

I started my career in the world of print design, where the beauty lies in the details of a static layout — a brochure page, poster, piece of packaging, or anything that has colored ink printed on it. As the world we live in and the very definition of what a graphic designer should be kept changing, I felt the need for a new challenge. I found it in the world of motion graphics. Going step-by-step I schooled myself in the technical intricacies of using After Effects to breathe new life into my designs by making them move on a digital screen. 

Over last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to create a bunch of cool video pieces for Walt Disney and for hi-tech giants of Silicon Valley, such as Salesforce, Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard.

Motion graphics demo reel video

Cisco Open Stack video

Disney Publishing Sizzle video

Hewlett Packard video


People are still printing stuff

Yes, indeed — stuff is still being printed, and you can see it everywhere you go. Until the time comes when everything we look at will become a foldable screen with dancing pixels, there is still a need for a print designer. I learned my design craft doing print pieces, and using the classic software trio of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign I still enjoy working on just about every aspect of it — concept, layout, typography, photo editing, production, press check and the whole print enchilada.

A package of sell sheets promoting Disney English program

A packaging design for a CD of sound healing tracks by Micheline

Promotional postcard designs for actors in Hollywood

Typography design for Milken’s Global Conference booklet



I’m a graphic designer, animator and art director specializing in presentations, motion graphics and print.

After coming to the US from Poland, I set out to build a career as a creative professional that would take me to many fascinating destinations. I worked in brand development, sales promotion, advertising, entertainment, media and publishing for clients of all sizes, overseeing an arsenal of creative solutions from concept and design through all aspects of production and project management, all the way to final delivery. 

After spending four years in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I worked remotely with a variety of US clients, I settled in Hollywood, California where I design high-end presentations for clients in entertainment and hi-tech. 


The experience of arriving in the US with a backpack, a hundred bucks and one phone  number shaped me into someone who knows how to start from scratch and build something from nothing under any adverse conditions. I am largely self-taught in the craft of graphic design — I learned it in the business school of hard knocks. For me, raw life experience is how you learn.

Whether it’s collaborating with an on-site team as a freelancer, or working on a project for my own client — I hit the ground running, and I hit it hard. I will stop at nothing until the project is delivered on time, within budget, and with a level of high quality to die for.  I listen closely, I propose solutions, and then spring into action  — you will never find me pondering what to do. When it comes to getting things done, I mean business — every step of the way. 


Presentations Design
Motion Graphics Design
Print Design & Production
Concept Development
Art Direction
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects & plugins
Apple Keynote
Microsoft Powerpoint

A unique and proven ability to quickly
distill the very essense of an idea from
a sea of confusing variables.
An ability to quickly organize any
chaotic environment into a properly
labeled collection of elements.
An uncompromising eye for detail.


Harry Potter Style Guides

While freelancing at Warner Bros., I’ve
had a fantastic opportunity to design
and produce all eight Harry Potter style
guides, one for each movie in a series.
I had to plow through a mountain of
image assets, design all the layouts
and make sure all the elements were
meticulously organized and accounted
for. Diving so deeply into Harry Potter’s
universe was an educational experience
but also a blast of pure fun!

Disney Presentations

At Walt Disney, I worked on some of
the most complex and sophisticated
Keynote presentations for their top
executive team. Nothing was off
limits, and many slides required the
design of elaborate animations done in
After Effects. I learned how to thrive in
a challenging environment where
high-profile projects had to be
delivered on short deadlines and
look absolutely “pixie dust” amazing.

WB Licensing Show

This was one of the most gigantic
presentations I’ve ever designed and
executed, and I have done it three times
in a row. A stream of image assets from
multiple teams had to be incorporated
into the sequence while being constantly
revised and ultimately turned into a
video with a voiceover. Warner Bros.
licensing show was a corporate combat
bootcamp like no other in Hollywood.
From now on, I think I can run any show.

NBC Universal Decks

I have enjoyed designing beautiful
Keynote decks for some of the most
iconic properties at NBC Universal. I’ve
had to come up with a series of creative
concepts for the global marketing of
Fast & Furious and Universal Monsters,
plus design a bunch of decks for
Dreamworks TV shows such as She-Ra
and Spirit. I found it simply irresistible
to keep honing my design skills on stuff
so utterly cool!

Facebook Presentations

I have been contracted to assist
Facebook’s worldwide team with
their PowerPoint presentation needs.
These were elaborate data-driven
decks where attention to detail
and accuracy were a must. Working
remotely, I had to collaborate with
executives residing in different time
zones and make sure the goods were
delivered on tight deadlines with
lightning speed.

Silicon Valley Tech

I established a great relationship with
a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
who worked with the biggest names in
high technology. We collaborated on
the creation of corporate videos for
Salesforce, Cisco and Hewlett Packard,
among others. Usually I had to start
with a raw script, zero assets and
minimal amount of direction. Then it
was up to me to take it all the way
to the final product.


Rad is always my first choice when I’m in need of Franchise presentation designs. From basic Keynote slides to high-quality, professional and engaging animated presentations, Rad always delivers beyond my expectations, and always on time. He’s worked on materials across a variety of NBCUniversal & DreamWorks TV brands including Fast & Furious and DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. My colleagues are always impressed at how great my brand materials look, all thanks to Rad!

Jennifer Loef Forlano
Strategic Brand Marketing Leader

Rad has helped produce several marketing videos for our clients for diverse applications such as product launches, sales kick off events and websites. Rad is a perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail and production quality, and visually imaginative when presenting complex ideas. At Mainstay we are looking forward to many more creative projects with him in the coming years. I want to wish him all the best and for any of you considering working with him, I have no reservation in recommending him strongly — he is one of the very best in his trade.

Lakshminarayanan Venkatraman
EVP, Business Value and CIO Advisory at The Mainstay Company

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